成为美国最好的小城市, the 林奇堡市 requires a deliberate 策略 for competing for new investment and talent. 2018年,经济发展办公室 & 旅游业启动了“机遇蓝图”, a five-year strategic action plan built upon five key priorities: growing 当地企业, 吸引锚定机构, 填充劳动力管道, 提升地方质素, 向全世界讲述林奇堡的爱博体育手机客户端.

随着COVID-19大流行的到来,世界发生了变化. Through it all, we have stood with you in commitment to the health and wellbeing of our City. More than 75 business and city leaders stepped up to help reset the economic development 策略 for the 林奇堡市. You offered solutions to challenges and reiterated your priorities for our community. 





助理署长,经济发展 & 旅游
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  • 凯蒂·康纳,弗吉尼亚旅游公司
  • 本·科普兰,林奇堡城市学校
  • 肯尼·克雷格,利伯缇大学
  • 迈克尔·艾略特,我是中央健康中心
  • Jeff Fedorko, Riverside Runners
  • 韦斯·富盖特,伦道夫学院
  • Rex geeveden, BWX Technologies, Inc.
  • 杰米·格拉斯,林奇堡地区商业联盟
  • 肯尼斯·汉考克,美国.S. 管
  • Todd Irby,创新无线技术公司
  • 伊丽莎白·纳雷胡德,中弗吉尼亚社区学院
  • 帕特·普莱斯,城市事工教会
  • 莫特·萨贾迪安,惊奇广场
  • 萨利·塞尔登,林奇堡大学
  • 迈克·谢得勒,太平洋人寿
  • 达斯汀·斯莱特汉姆,434市场营销
  • 杰夫·汤普森,C.B. 舰队,一个信誉品牌公司

机遇的蓝图是由它所服务的社区设计的,也是为社区设计的. 虽然数据分析对于确定趋势很重要, 优势和挑战, input from 当地企业 and employees gives this analysis much-needed context. By providing a platform for community members to share their expertise and new ideas, we hope to generate a universal understanding of economic opportunity among public, 私人, 以及政府合作伙伴. This process of convening local stakeholders is reflective of our broader mission to build meaningful relationships between industry players, 服务提供者和锚定机构. Our conversations with the following groups represent the beginning of a long-term effort to foster community engagement.

对伦敦金融城的诸多优势和挑战有深刻的认识, we at the 林奇堡市 hosted a series of roundtable discussions on a detailed list of topics. 在面试过程中, 我们让利益相关者平等发声, 私人合作伙伴和社区服务提供者. 加强我们的努力, 我们找来了史蒂文·斯图罗, a nationally recognized economic development 策略 consultant who has advised and collaborated with more than 50 cities, 大学, 开发人员, 非营利组织和财富500强公司建立更多的创造性, 创新和包容的社区. 我们的工作还利用了以下主要参与者的专业知识:

  • 指导委员会. 指导委员会由经济发展局(EDA)成员组成, 当地企业, 主要的雇主, 大学和企业家. The group met monthly to determine the overall direction of the project and offer advice on benchmarks, 研究的结论, 集群优势, 目标行业, 策略, 愿景与实施. 作为伦敦金融城经济发展战略的拥护者, these members will spearhead its execution alongside the Office of Economic Development and 旅游 and other City departments.

  • 市议会和经济发展局. Conversations with the Lynchburg City Council helped to define the factors influencing today’s economic development efforts. The Council also weighed in on the 林奇堡市’s unique challenges as an independent city and helped identify various benchmarks. 前进, these leaders will continue to provide input for our economic development 策略 and help identify resources needed to support the plan. 作为选举和任命的社区成员, they serve as a direct line between the Lynchburg Office of Economic Development and 旅游 and the public.

  • 创业与创业. 我们会见了当地的企业家, small business support organizations and founders of 当地企业 to consider what makes the 林奇堡市 a unique environment for entrepreneurship. 除了确定某些行动步骤之外, our conversation pinpointed target clusters that have demonstrated the greatest need for talent or capital.

  • 行业. Our conversation with Lynchburg’s leading employers focused on the factors influencing development across industry sectors. 除了讨论伦敦金融城的优势, 包括熟练的劳动力和积极参与的商业社区, we addressed various challenges such as a lack of transportation or airport connectivity, 人才渠道不足和房地产限制.

  • 人才引进. 我们会见了劳动力发展专家, k - 12教育工作者, local employers and members of the creative class to discuss what makes 林奇堡市 an appealing place to live and work. 我们的谈话集中在吸引和留住人才的方法上, particularly with regard to creating “boomerang” citizens (those who return to the city where they once lived). 另外, we focused on ways to improve Lynchburg’s skills pipeline by connecting 当地企业 to workforce development opportunities.

  • 旅游与场所营造. 我们召集了旅游官员召开旅游和地方规划会议, 目的地营销组织(DMO)代表, 餐厅的老板, 历史遗迹经营者, 娱乐公司和市中心的推广商. 在一起, they discussed how to leverage Lynchburg’s “quality of place” assets to drive economic development. Participants also addressed obstacles to making Lynchburg an ideal destination for tourists.

  • 社区与市区重建. Our conversation on neighborhoods and urban renewal convened local real estate professionals, 社区发展商及规划者, 以及社区倡导者. Their discussion recognized 林奇堡市 as a collection of neighborhoods that requires a 策略 for inclusive prosperity, 哪个优先考虑所有公民的需求.


  • 机会. 我们致力于为所有居民和企业提供经济机会.
  • 创新. 我们投资于创造未来解决方案的创意和企业.
  • 协作. We build value-added collaborations among partners, businesses, and organizations.
  • 弹性. 我们为经济的长期健康和可持续性做好准备.
  • 包容. 我们促进了所有居民的归属感和联系感.
  • 公共投资. We invest in quality of place and community well-being to support job creation and
目标1 -支持和发展LYH业务和目标资产

现有业务的增长, 锚和目的地资产是我们经济发展的第一要务. An estimated 70 percent of all jobs are created through the expansion of local companies. These companies and organizations are already invested in the 林奇堡市 and are essential players in building long-term inclusive
prosperity that ensures LYH recovers from the economic and community impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Building effective relationships and resources to develop and grow existing businesses and destination assets
  • Delivering the support small businesses need to achieve long-term sustainability and resilience
  • 参与锚定机构以实现共同目标

莱城拥有独特的自然和建筑环境,以支持业务增长. 然而, we must continue to invest in site development to 吸引投资 to the city and provide jobs in a post-pandemic future. The City must also cultivate and leverage its authentic community and cultural assets to drive destination development and attract


  • 检查场地和基础设施, 包括重建机会, 需要驱动业务位置
  • 提供工具以利用新公司和现有公司的投资
  • 通过目的地开发、会议和体育旅游推动收入

经济发展的力量取决于它所讲述的爱博体育手机客户端, especially during a time when communities are battling head-to-head for talent and investment. 在大流行后的未来具有竞争力, LYH must communicate a compelling narrative that demonstrates the city’s strong sense of culture, 社区与骄傲.


  • 在全市范围内开展品牌和营销活动
  • Promoting LYH as an attractive destination by curating experiences for residents and visitors
  • Investing in quality of place, enhancing the image of LYH as a place to live and work